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Are brushes for aging suitable for dry working ?

No. The brushes for aging always require water during work. If you use brushes for aging without water the work speed decrease.

What kind of wheels polish edge of technical marble ?

For technical marble edge polishing you ve to use DNW diamond wheels in all the positions except the last where you ve to use the 5 extra marble polishing wheel.

How i can dry polish granite edge ?

For dry granite edge polish its avaible a set of 3 wheels. The name of these wheels is 1S, 2S and 3S. It's also available a marble edge polish version. 

What are the parameters for Frankfurt aging brushes ?

The parameter for Frankfurt aging brushes are a pressure from 1 atm to 1,5 atm and a speed of 1 mt/min. If you increase the pressure you dont make a better work but of course you decrease aging brushes duration.


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